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Message for Mothers
and Fathers

A Message to Mama
Cuddle Baby’s wish is to walk alongside Mama & Daddy and
to support their 10-month path to welcoming Baby into their lives.
A lot can happen during this very special time; changes in the body, changes in emotions, changes in the mind, changes that are sometimes impossible to control.
Our message to all expecting mothers is not to try and tolerate too much.
We all know that negative emotions and stress experienced by mothers will be relayed on to the baby as well.
But through all that occurs during pregnancy, during childbirth and then beyond,
both Mama and Daddy are giving their all to welcome Baby into their lives.
Fatigue, lack of personal time and space, changeable moods and feelings are all
emotional occurrences that can easily lead to discomfort and stress.
But when you look around, all you hear is “That’s just part of becoming a mother,
all mothers deal with it ...”
Yes, we want to do our best
We want to give our utmost
But to give more than we can, to give too much is surely not the answer.
Cuddle Baby reaches out to assist you in maintaining this balance.
The balance of mind and body
The balance between giving your all and giving too much.
Cuddle Baby is always there with you
To soothe you
To refresh you
To replenish you
And to support you in your path
to welcoming your little bundle of love and joy in to your life.


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Products that protect the baby and baby Goods that talks gently to the heart and the body of an important family.

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Our Quality & Policy

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Message to Mama & Papa

Message to Mama & Papa

Encounter with new life, not only for babies but for important moms and dads.