There were always a moment that a heart could be felt through engagement in aromatherapy, education and delivery of certified organic essential oils before and after childbirth since 2000. And I experienced the power that changes the body and mind.
There are a lot of times we all have to put up with something and we never get a pat on the back while going through busy days, feeling discontent and some might lose track of life. Based on the environment surrounding children we want to face but not look away from the experience that mums and dads go through that could change them mentally and physically.
We want to keep challenging ourselves to deliver you our thoughts and to develop products through big changes you experience before and after childbirth, through interactions with baby, and the how to be true to yourself and through communication, education and awareness building activities.
Global Organic Formulator
Azusa Annells


Azusa Annells

Managing Director & CEO of Blue ink Incorporated
Global Organic Formulator
Clinical Aromatherapist

Currently enrolled in the doctoral course of Medical Sciences, researching Developmental Medicine, Reproductive Pathophysiology and Obstetrics & Gynecology within Hirosaki University
Attended the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy in Great Britain for 3 years to study in the Clinical Aromatherapy Course, specializing in Pregnancy & Childbirth and Complementary Therapies.: Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy (ITHMA) Diploma
After returning to Japan she established AROMATIQUE Ltd., the predecessor of Blue ink Incorporated in the year 2000.
Promoting labour care incorporating aromatherapy concepts within a gynecology & obstetric environment, Azusa held seminars and lectures for both health professionals and the general public.
She has been selected as the exclusive formulator by many large organisations, public figures and celebrities, as well as the formulator for the Hollywood film “PERFUME – The Story of a Murderer”.
Azusa is a pioneer in the field of essential oil blending in Japan.

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